About Us

The Crust Pizza is your premier location for thin-crust, midwest-style pizza, oven-baked subs, and fresh salads. With history in Ohio, we at The Crust strive to offer our guests a thin-crust pizzeria that holds itself to pizza service standards like we found in the heart of the midwest.

What Makes Our Pizza So Good?

Many pizza shops will tell you that what makes their product special is the sauce, but we’re here to tell you that the greatest sauce recipe in the world means nothing if you can’t make a good crust. With an incredibly secret recipe under lock and key, our pizza is made with a dough unlike any other. We start every pizza with one of our 10, 13, or 16 inch doughs, coat them up top with our house sauce, and drape each with rich provolone. We then top each pizza with the freshest meats and vegetables from only the most reputable vendors. You’ll never find us skimping on any toppings and you’ll always feel satisfied when eating one of our delicious pizzas. Everything is baked to a gloriously crispy and flakey golden brown, cut into squares, and sent out for your enjoyment.

Why Squares?

Well, a few reasons. All of which, we think, make for the perfect piece of pizza!

  • History. Pizza in the midwest has been cut party-style (squares) for as long as anyone can remember. Why fix what isn’t broken?
  • Square pieces are easier to handle, making our pizza deliciously manageable.
  • Most importantly, more pieces means more people get a share. We want our pizza to bring people together!

Let’s Talk Subs

Our subs are packed with always fresh meats and provolone cheese. We bake them in our pizza ovens to a perfect golden hue and top them with veggies finished with our special house dressing, or just marinara and parmesan. Just like our pizzas, we never skimp. You won’t find yourself asking for extra meat, cheese or veggies… there will be plenty for your satisfaction!


Rest assured, our salads at The Crust are not an afterthought. Each is unique and crafted to be standalone, or the perfect accompaniment to our pizza and subs. Using quality greens we make our salads fresh to order. Add baked chicken to any salad and make it a complete, filling meal.

A Different Approach To Our Space

The attention to detail in our food carries over directly to our establishment. Our restaurant is built from rustic, contemporary, and industrial elements, all melded together to create a space that is cool, collected, and inviting. All of our equipment is brand new and state of the art. Cleanliness is of paramount importance to all of us, because we believe that where the food comes out of, is just as important as the food itself. So, rest easy and enjoy great pizza and a clean environment at The Crust!